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Tracking the trends 2020: Leading from the front

Tracking the trends 2020: Leading from the front


Mining has never been easy, but miners are continuing to make strides.

On the whole, many are positioning themselves to embrace intelligent mining through investments in automation and technology modernisation. Addressing climate change and investor concerns is becoming a higher priority for many. This is being achieved through decarbonisation and uncovering opportunities through joint ventures.

Companies are revisiting their talent and diversity strategies, working to strengthen relationships with local communities, seeking to create value beyond compliance to deliver socioeconomic impact. This is coupled with fostering operational efficiency and business competitiveness.

The mining industry is facing a significant challenge to make the most of a digital transformation when the maturity of people, technology, data, and management systems isn’t enough to open the doors of the digital world for this old industry. To tackle this challenge, not only should mining companies work hard to pass this bottleneck, but universities need to change their curriculum to include better learning and research programs for future mine engineers.

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