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The gold rush continues for Australia

The gold rush continues for Australia

Gold has been one of the most remarkable metals in the history of human civilisation.

THE SCARCITY AND visual aesthetics of gold have seen it worshipped as a gift from the gods; form the basis of monetary systems; and lead mining companies to tunnel more than three kilometres underground to find it.

Australia’s long and proud history of gold mining has shaped our country in many ways. Gold rushes in the 19th century attracted people from around the world and led to population surges. Between 1851 and 1860, Australia’s population is estimated to have tripled, largely due to this mining boom. Ballarat, Bendigo and other regions retain a strong gold legacy that still supports tourism and jobs today.

The modern Australian gold industry leads the world and sets new benchmarks in technology, environmental management and community engagement. In 2017, Australia produced more than 290 tonnes of gold, which made it the second-largest gold producer behind China. Australia is the largest exporter of gold in the world, with our gold sent to key markets in Asia and Europe – accounting for a large portion of the world’s annual demand for gold of more than 4100 tonnes.

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