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HPA: can’t illuminate it, can’t illuminate without it

HPA: can’t illuminate it, can’t illuminate without it


If any reader were to type high purity alumina (HPA) into their search engines, they would see that CRU Group has been highlighting some pretty remarkable demand growth prospects in this market for some time. I wrote my first published piece on this ceramic more than a year ago, and have been waiting ever since for either the penny to drop, or the hammer to fall – which is to say that either someone would step forward with a critical and heretofore unimagined piece of information that would discredit our analysis, or else a horde of investors would pile in to reap the benefits of the commodity growth story of the next decade. And yet, to date, neither of these has really happened. For a market that’s driven by batteries and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, it seems tough to develop a buzz or shine a light on it.

So, what have we learnt over the past year of examining the HPA market? In the most recent study CRU conducted – supporting Altech Chemicals through a financing exercise – we had an opportunity to take our level of coverage much deeper than we had previously, and to test our hypothesis that this material was highly sought a er in lithium-ion batteries and LEDs.

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