From red tape to red carpet – let’s create, innovate, prosper and have an exciting future

This is an abridged version of Mrs Rinehart’s speech to the Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2017 Conference in New Delhi.gina rinehart ar&i

Namaste distinguished guests and friends, greetings from West Australia, and welcome to our corporate headquarters for Roy Hill. I would like to focus my address for you on the two ‘Ts’ – the burdens of government red tape and taxation, and, secondly, technology. Reducing the first ‘T’ and innovating with the second ‘T’ are essential for economic progress and driving creativity, innovation and future prosperity.

Prime Minister Modi has achieved much in his first few years; his dedicated program of going from red tape to red carpet, clearly understanding the importance of the first ‘T’, has turned India into the world’s fastest-growing major economy, doubling India’s economic growth and raising living standards, which is so important to hundreds of millions of people in
your country.

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