Smart technologies revolutionising drill and blast

A new wave of autonomous technologies is transforming drilling and blasting processes in mining. And while intelligent technologies are a point of discussion that is very much in vogue, they look to be settling in for the long run.Their presence a affords the mining industry drastic increases in the efficiency, safety and accuracy, and also reduces the industry’s impact … Continued

Fool’s gold: Is the promise of digital transformation too good to be true?

We are constantly hearing that digital transformation is the next big game changer for the mining industry. The potential gains of digital transformation are said to be deep and far-reaching, and include lower costs of extraction, fewer accidents on site and a more diverse workforce. But how much of these big promises can be believed? And can we actually implement … Continued

Copper’s Cold War

The US–China trade fight may have largely been a war of words so far, but the impact on global markets from each country’s opening shots has been swift – and copper is looking like collateral damage. While the stand-out between the United States and China has sparked volatility and uncertainty, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is warning that any … Continued

Further positive signals for gold

Rising US interest rates and a strong US currency have continued to apply downward price pressure on gold, but the yellow metal’s resistance is growing. This resistance has been helped by world stock market volatility, which has seen gold perform strongly over the past month due to its safe haven status. There are further indications that inflation is … Continued

The future of robotics and automation in the resources sector

Australia leads the world in automated mining technologies, allowing the resources sector to operate safely and e ciently in remote and harsh conditions on both large and small scales. AUSTRALIA’S MINING INNOVATION efforts to date have ensured that we remain a low-cost producer in iron ore. Autonomous fleets used in iron ore production outperform manned fleets in several areas, including fuel … Continued

Mining IPOs in a modest lift-off

Stronger share market and resources recovery are fuelling floats optimism. THE RECOVERY IN resources floats is strengthening as more exploration companies tap into rising investor sentiment towards the mining sector and initial public o erings (IPOs). Australian Resources and Investment’s (AR&I’s) analysis identified a dozen mining companies seeking admission to the ASX through an IPO at the start of the new … Continued

The gold rush continues for Australia

Gold has been one of the most remarkable metals in the history of human civilisation. THE SCARCITY AND visual aesthetics of gold have seen it worshipped as a gift from the gods; form the basis of monetary systems; and lead mining companies to tunnel more than three kilometres underground to find it. Australia’s long and proud history of gold mining has … Continued

The rise of electric vehicles and the cobalt conundrum

The electric vehicle exuberance has been gaining traction in recent years. Governments are setting ever more aggressive targets on internal combustion engine bans, while automakers have been jockeying to outdo each other by laying out bullish production plans for new electrified models. COBALT, A KEY input material for some of the most prominent lithium-ion batteries, should be riding high on … Continued

The rise and rise of vanadium

Vanadium has been touted as a wonder metal, with properties that enable it to strengthen steel while making it lighter, transfer electricity without transferring heat, and exist in different states in electrolyte solution, enabling its use in vanadium redox flow batteries. STEEL REMAINS THE primary market driver for vanadium, and global demand is growing due to its increased use … Continued

Indicators point to a silver rally

Despite its much lower market profile than gold, silver’s prospects are looking up. The all-important gold-silver ratio is approaching levels reached during the GFC, which subsequently led to a 400 per cent surge in the price of silver. Silver might not reach the same dizzy heights this time, but the metal’s underperformance relative to gold, … Continued

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