Responsible investing and the importance of addressing climate change

BY ANDREW NAYLOR, DIRECTOR, CENTRAL BANKS AND PUBLIC POLICY, WORLD GOLD COUNCIL Climate change is a critical global issue. It is a regular  xture on the agenda of the G20, the Financial Stability Board, and the United Nations. Governments, businesses and investors all recognise the need to take action. Under the auspices of the United … Continued

Emerging economies to drive rising coal demand

BY TONY FEATHERSTONE Much life is left in fossil fuels despite first-world move towards renewable energy sources. If Australia’s coal industry is living on borrowed time, then nobody has told ASX-listed coal stocks. Several have had large share price gains in the past 12 months, despite persistent gloom about coal’s future and a subdued local … Continued

Is peak copper back?

The red metal may still be facing pressures, but the industry is betting that modern life can’t live without it, says Steve Freeth. Copper prices may still be being buffeted by China growth jitters or US trade war tensions, but the mood at the recent CESCO annual global copper get-together in Chile was upbeat. At … Continued

Hot sands

Mineral and silica sands are currently among the hottest commodities on the market amid rising demand and constrained supply. For explorers and major producers alike, the upturn is spurring renewed investment as Australian miners capitalise on the improved outlook. NEW INVESTMENTS In April, global heavyweight Rio Tinto approved development ofthe $463-million Zulti South mineral sands … Continued

The business case for interoperability

BY GAVIN YEATES, PRINCIPAL, GAVIN YEATES CONSULTING PTY. LTD. While interoperability has been a topic of interest to mining companies for over two decades, it is only now that technology has advanced to a point that both enables interconnectedness and allows true interoperability. The interest in interoperability is because mining companies see value in it, … Continued

Powering the future

Australian miners are leading the charge to meet growing demand for battery metals. Australia has seized the initiative in the clean energy revolution, with Western Australia at the heart of the industry’s development. Amid forecasts of continued demand growth from the energy and transport sectors for battery metals such as lithium, cobalt and manganese, Australian miners are leading the charge with … Continued

Copper positions for a comeback

Despite global uncertainties and China’s economic woes, the red metal still promises better days, says Steve Freeth. When Apple, the world’s richest company, recently said its performance in China had hit a wall, it made headlines globally and sent markets into a tailspin. Copper followed suit, as analysts and investors digested what looked like confirmation of China’s slowing growth. That’s … Continued

2019 is gold’s year to shine

You have to choose (as a voter) between trusting the natural stability of gold, and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold. — George Bernard Shaw It was only a matter … Continued

Tracking the trends

The Australian mining context. The beginning of a new year often brings reflections and predictions on what the year ahead holds for our industry. While we are all busy working on the plans and priorities of our own roles and organisations, pausing to reflect on some of these broader conversations can provide some useful ideas. Deloitte’s annual Tracking the trends global … Continued

ASX dominates world resources sector IPOS

But mining floats struggle in the face of waning interest from investors. Headline figures show that 2018 was the best year in more than a decade for the ASX initial public offerings (IPO) market. But conditions for smaller  oats, particularly junior explorers, remain tough, and a spike in market volatility could jam the IPO window shut for resources companies. About … Continued

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