22 November – a day to celebrate one of Australia’s most important industries

There is no doubt that mining keeps the Australian economy afloat, and for decades, mining, along with its related industries, has been key to our prosperity. Therefore, it is only fitting that there is a day on the national calendar to recognise and celebrate our industry. National Mining and Related Industries Day is held annually … Continued

Politically charged: do you know where your batteries come from?

People are excited about batteries, from electric cars to Tesla’s 129-megawatt-hour energy storage project in South Australia. But one important issue is often overlooked: the raw materials needed to build this technology. Where do they come from, and what is the environmental cost? New types of batteries, such as vanadium ‘flow batteries’, still lag in … Continued

Untangling the future of cobalt supply and demand

There has been a sharp rise in demand for cobalt in recent years, as the metal’s high-energy density has proven highly effective for the portable electronics industry, and now, the emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry. An understanding of the potential supply risks, and what demand for the metal will look like in years to come, … Continued

Gold market deja vu

There’s an overwhelming sense of deja vu as far as the gold market is concerned. Two years ago, at almost this exact time at the end of 2015, we witnessed the first US Federal Reserve System (the Fed) rate hike since the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) – a 25-basis point increase. This followed years … Continued

Australian bauxite mining leading the way to sustainability

From soft drink cans and the cars we drive, to the windows of our homes and offices, and the electricity cables that link our cities together, aluminium is essential in our modern society. It is also an industry in which Australia naturally excels – from the mining of bauxite ore, to refining that ore into … Continued

The art of making intelligent decisions: the next revolution in the mining industry

Making a decision is a bridge between business problems and their hidden answers in data. Big data, global connectivity and pervasive real-time analytics are changing the way that companies manage their business. Today, the general goal of most business intelligence systems is to access data from a variety of different sources; transform that data into … Continued

The LNG market – dancing to a different beat

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a fundamentally different proposition today compared to just five years ago, transitioning from a regionally traded commodity to one now playing on the global stage. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in LNG market dynamics. Rapid supply growth; the emergence of new suppliers; development of … Continued

Government policies dictating bauxite’s future

This edition, we take a look at the various governmental policies setting the agenda in key bauxite mining nations, then consider the impact of Chinese environmental and supply-side reforms on demand and, ultimately, price.  Any hopes of the mining moratorium being lifted in Malaysia have been scuppered, with the government extending the mining ban to … Continued

Improving haul truck availability by braking system failure prediction using advanced data analytics

The aim of this article is to introduce a haul truck availability improvement multi-objective computer model developed by using artificial intelligence methods (AIMs) to complete predictive analytics for haul trucks’ braking system.  This model will be developed as an online service or a software package, working with existing data collection and analysis systems to predict … Continued

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