Australia’s golden opportunity

Australian gold investors have enjoyed a very profitable run since the turn of the century, with the price rallying from below A $450 per ounce back in December 1999 to over A$1700 per ounce by April 2017.

The strong price gains, which have exceeded the growth in all other mainstream financial assets over the same time period, have also been a huge boost to the Australian gold mining industry, which produced just shy of 300 tonnes of the yellow metal in 2016.

This metal, worth more than A$16 billion at today’s prices, supports a huge and growing workforce, with data suggesting that the Australian gold industry employs more than 25,000 Australians directly, with a further 30,000 jobs supported by the gold miners indirectly.

This includes a diversified and highly skilled workforce that includes those working in logistics, refining, jewellery fabrication and financial services, to name but a few.

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