22 November – a day to celebrate one of Australia’s most important industries

There is no doubt that mining keeps the Australian economy afloat, and for decades, mining, along with its related industries, has been key to our prosperity. Therefore, it is only fitting that there is a day on the national calendar to recognise and celebrate our industry.

gina rinehart mining australia magazine 2017National Mining and Related Industries Day is held annually on 22 November; it was first launched in 2013, and has since taken place around Australia. This year’s gala dinner, after being held in Melbourne last year, was held in Sydney’s CBD with the assistance of the Sydney Mining Club.

National Mining and Related Industries Day is a day to celebrate the enormous importance and contribution of our mining and related industries, and to remind those in the mining industry to be proud of their industry, and to stand up for it constantly.

Mining is unarguably essential to Australia and our export-oriented economy. Iron ore and coal are our country’s biggest two exports, valued at nearly $100 billion last year. Mining also accounted for nearly 40 per cent of Australia’s total exports in 2016.

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