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The business case for interoperability

The business case for interoperability


While interoperability has been a topic of interest to mining companies for over two decades, it is only now that technology has advanced to a point that both enables interconnectedness and allows true interoperability. The interest in interoperability is because mining companies see value in it, thus they believe there is a business case.

A lack of interoperability between systems, processes and data is not unique to the mining industry. Other industries also suffer from a lack of interoperability, and it is recognised that this is not a technology problem, but rather a market failure.

Our inability to interoperate across the value chain is a societal,cultural and organisational problem. Suppliers o en treat system interfaces and data as their property, not their customers. There is a disincentive to share and open up systems, with many suppliers making more money by not sharing. This is an incentive problem and thus a market failure.

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