Selling coals to Newcastle? Try selling gas to Australia instead

In the latest version of selling coals to Newcastle, selling gas to Australia could become the latest Asia-Pacific gas market opportunity. To the surprise and outrage of the Australian public and the media, in a country with vast gas resources, a reasonable gas transportation system and adequate processing capacity, gas is no longer available at $3 per gigajoule – leaving room … Continued

Zinc – helping to feed the world

Zinc can be found almost anywhere: in our daily vitamins, in safeguards for our infrastructure, and as an ingredient that activates our sunscreens. It’s also an important element in the foods we eat, and it is recognised as one of the eight essential micronutrients that crops require for healthy growth and reproduction. Globally, however, zinc has emerged as the most widespread micronutrient deficiency in … Continued

Australia’s golden opportunity

Australian gold investors have enjoyed a very profitable run since the turn of the century, with the price rallying from below A $450 per ounce back in December 1999 to over A$1700 per ounce by April 2017. The strong price gains, which have exceeded the growth in all other mainstream financial assets over the same time period, have also been a … Continued

The digital revolution – mining starts to reinvent the future

Digital disruption has been changing businesses and operating models, and, in some cases, completely altering the entire fabric of industries. As mining becomes more data intensive, disruptive technologies are increasingly taking a digital form. The ability to organise, manage, process and utilise data has become a competitive differentiator. The potential for digital capabilities to create value by reducing waste is significant. The digital revolution also represents a terrific opportunity to forge much closer relationships with stakeholders, facilitate knowledge … Continued

The emperor fiddles while Rome burns – watch out, Australia!

Speech by Mrs Gina Rinehart, Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group and Roy Hill, at the Global Natural Resources Conclave 2017. Good evening Tom, distinguished guests, fellow mining colleagues and friends. Namaste. Thank you very much for inviting me to speak at this important global resources forum. It is wonderful to be here in energetic and thriving India – and congratulations team India on your recent test match win, by the … Continued

Growing pains in lithium as electric vehicles surge

The lithium market is stretched. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in China have increased substantially in the last few years. Manufacturers of the batteries that power these EVs are finding it increasingly difficult to secure the lithium raw materials they need. Years of slow supply growth have left the market scrambling to meet a sudden supply shortfall as rechargeable battery technology … Continued

Developments in zinc and its uses

A very versatile and sustainable material, zinc plays a key role in a variety of industrial and product applications that facilitate modern life. More than 14 million tonnes of zinc are produced annually worldwide; 54 per cent of this amount is used for galvanising to protect steel from corrosion. Approximately 15 per cent goes into the production of zinc-based alloys, mainly for use … Continued

The key factors driving gold

Skyrocketing debt and low interest rates are driving gold. Gold’s best friends remain the world’s debt-addicted central bankers. Like a bunch of stimulant-addicted athletes looking for their next high , central bankers have become enormously dependent on stimulus. What started out as a post–global financial crisis (GFC) means of avoiding international economic catastrophe has now morphed into a dangerous addiction – and the means of … Continued

Mining industry safety records

Historically, mining is one of the most hazardous industrial sectors. Although the industry has achieved significant success in reducing the number of accidents and limiting their consequences, it remains a risky business. According to NSW Trade and Investment, the average fatal injury frequency rate (FIFR) decreased by 65 per cent between 2007 and 2012. The overall lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) also decreased by … Continued

The little recognised requirements of growth centres

Can Australia become a growth centre of the world? Video address by Mrs Gina Rinehart to the International Women’s Federation of Commerce And Industry’s Global Women’s Trade Summit in Melbourne, Australia. Good morning, distinguished guests and all delegates – greetings from the Roy Hill berths at Port Hedland. As you can see, we have two ships in harbour, one almost loaded, which will go out tonight and the other that we’re about … Continued

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