The art of making intelligent decisions: the next revolution in the mining industry

Making a decision is a bridge between business problems and their hidden answers in data. Big data, global connectivity and pervasive real-time analytics are changing the way that companies manage their business. Today, the general goal of most business intelligence systems is to access data from a variety of different sources; transform that data into … Continued

The LNG market – dancing to a different beat

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a fundamentally different proposition today compared to just five years ago, transitioning from a regionally traded commodity to one now playing on the global stage. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in LNG market dynamics. Rapid supply growth; the emergence of new suppliers; development of … Continued

Government policies dictating bauxite’s future

This edition, we take a look at the various governmental policies setting the agenda in key bauxite mining nations, then consider the impact of Chinese environmental and supply-side reforms on demand and, ultimately, price.  Any hopes of the mining moratorium being lifted in Malaysia have been scuppered, with the government extending the mining ban to … Continued

Improving haul truck availability by braking system failure prediction using advanced data analytics

The aim of this article is to introduce a haul truck availability improvement multi-objective computer model developed by using artificial intelligence methods (AIMs) to complete predictive analytics for haul trucks’ braking system.  This model will be developed as an online service or a software package, working with existing data collection and analysis systems to predict … Continued

Selling coals to Newcastle? Try selling gas to Australia instead

In the latest version of selling coals to Newcastle, selling gas to Australia could become the latest Asia-Pacific gas market opportunity. To the surprise and outrage of the Australian public and the media, in a country with vast gas resources, a reasonable gas transportation system and adequate processing capacity, gas is no longer available at $3 per gigajoule – leaving room … Continued

Zinc – helping to feed the world

Zinc can be found almost anywhere: in our daily vitamins, in safeguards for our infrastructure, and as an ingredient that activates our sunscreens. It’s also an important element in the foods we eat, and it is recognised as one of the eight essential micronutrients that crops require for healthy growth and reproduction. Globally, however, zinc has emerged as the most widespread micronutrient deficiency in … Continued

Australia’s golden opportunity

Australian gold investors have enjoyed a very profitable run since the turn of the century, with the price rallying from below A $450 per ounce back in December 1999 to over A$1700 per ounce by April 2017. The strong price gains, which have exceeded the growth in all other mainstream financial assets over the same time period, have also been a … Continued

The digital revolution – mining starts to reinvent the future

Digital disruption has been changing businesses and operating models, and, in some cases, completely altering the entire fabric of industries. As mining becomes more data intensive, disruptive technologies are increasingly taking a digital form. The ability to organise, manage, process and utilise data has become a competitive differentiator. The potential for digital capabilities to create value by reducing waste is significant. The digital revolution also represents a terrific opportunity to forge much closer relationships with stakeholders, facilitate knowledge … Continued

The emperor fiddles while Rome burns – watch out, Australia!

Speech by Mrs Gina Rinehart, Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group and Roy Hill, at the Global Natural Resources Conclave 2017. Good evening Tom, distinguished guests, fellow mining colleagues and friends. Namaste. Thank you very much for inviting me to speak at this important global resources forum. It is wonderful to be here in energetic and thriving India – and congratulations team India on your recent test match win, by the … Continued

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